The controversial WWII bombing of Dresden.
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      (ie. other than American websites)

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      Shows Dresdens rail system.

Secondary Sources

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<>. This web page contained several

primary sources. basically it is a page with several sources in it.

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      watch?v=SU3wkOGXlcY>. A newsreel describing the bombing. Was not produced by the owner of

      the youtube channel. Found out about newsreel from another source, and found it in an

      embeddable form. 

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      <>. Note that I am citing a SPECIFIC PAGE on

      the site, NOT THE WHOLE SITE. This PAGE helped give examples of international opinion and law

      concerning civilian bombing. Which was a major aspect of area bombing.

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Research Description

The reason I choose this topic is that it was suggested by a teacher after my original topic was found to be inadequate, as well as the fact that I found the topic interesting.

 In terms of the research itself, the majority of the sources I found were online. They were located through numerous searches with Google, Google scholar, and other online search engines. The most useful sources that I found were the various websites published by the BBC, and “Spartacus.schoolnet”. These two sources provided the most volume of useful note cards, and seemed to be very reliable. Non-internet research was conducted at the MPLS Central library, this yielded several useful sources.

I decided to make a website as my project for several reasons: I like computers, I have always wanted to make a web site, and I have some prior experience dealing with HTML and other programming languages involved in making a website. I created my project using Weebly, as is required. I decided to structure the body text of the site around quotes, which are presented in large blue text. The debate is set up with an introduction, and three main points of the debate that are presented as separate pages. Consequences are also presented as a separate page. My topic relates to this year’s history day theme in that it involves a large historical debate which contained examples of diplomacy, consequences and failure.

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