The controversial WWII bombing of Dresden.

Debate: introduction

During, and after, World War Two area bombing, specifically the bombing of Dresden, has been a heavily debated topic. The strategy of area bombing is questioned in general for its morality, and whether or not it was justified. The bombing of Dresden is debated as a specific example of this. Whether or not the bombing was justified, should it have counted as a war crime, and such things. 
The argument over area bombing cumulates in the bombing of Dresden. 

There are several main points that the debate revolves around. These points include: 
The bombing of civilians, the destruction of a major historic city, and the military significance of Dresden.

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Fun Quiz!

Check for understanding
1. What is area bombing?
a) A kitty?
b) The bombing of individual buildings
c) Bombing to measure area
d) Bombing of large cites or towns

2. Who played major parts in the creation of area bombing?
a) Winston churchill, Aurthur harris, and Charles portal
b) Abraham Lincon and Obama
c) Stalin and Hitler
d) Gordan Freeman and Doctor Who

3. What led to the Creation of area bombing?
a) A lack of kitties
b) There were not enough bombs
c) Bombing was not accurate enough
d) there were too many explosions.

4. What type of bombs were used?
Cat bombs
High explosive
Both b and c

5. Was this quiz helpful?

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                                                   - The bombing of civilians
                                                   - The destruction of a historic city
                                                   - Military significance of Dresden