The controversial WWII bombing of Dresden.


Short Term:
Short term consequences of the bombing included civilians not only loseing everything they owned, but suffering physically and phycologically in horrific ways. Survivors of the bombing recount horribly traumatic experiences.

"We saw terrible things: cremated adults shrunk to the size of small children, pieces of arms and legs, dead people, whole families burnt to death, burning people ran to and fro," [10]

"Screaming people who were burning like torches overtook us and collapsed" [11]
Both of the above are quotes from personal accounts of the bombing.

Long Term:

Long term consequences of the bombing included the loss of parts of the historic city, as well as the debate over bombing tactics and total war.

One example of the consequences was the destruction of the Zwinger, a famous landmark of German baroque architecture. (seen at right)

Another long term consequence would be the debate over the concepts of area bombing and total war; and whether or not these things should have been considered acceptable. 

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The Zwinger, a famous landmark of German baroque architecture, destroyed in the bombings.

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